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Channels To Watch


The Juans

The Juans is a band from the Phillipines who share slices of life, positivity, worship and fun times in their oft-updated vlog.

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GAJOOBTube chronicles the longtime underground music zine’s publisher, Bryan Baker, building an online library from his huge collection of cassettes, CDRs, letters and other things

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Atomic Shrimp

Atomic Shrimp is about ideas. Ideas that lead to crafts, inventions and recipes, investigations and new skills. It’s also about looking at the world with

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Ellie and Jared

We struggled for nearly 3 years to have a baby without success. After an endless stream of doctors and tests, Ellie was finally diagnosed with

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Jeven Dovey

YouTubers are the Future of Filmmaking. If you want to use video to share your message, educate or inspire others through stories then you’ve come

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David Dobrik

David Julian Dobrik is a Slovak YouTube personality. He found early success on the video sharing platform Vine, before starting his vlog on his YouTube

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Keeping Up…

Ellie and Jared Update

Ellie and Jared changed their schedule recently and are posting around 1-3 videos weekly. The big change is they’ve decided to move south, to warmer

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