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Ellie and Jared Update

Ellie and Jared changed their schedule recently and are posting around 1-3 videos weekly. The big change is they’ve decided to move south, to warmer climes, which feels a little crazy since the home they were in was their dream home and now they’re leaving it behind after only a few years.

But I can’t really blame them. It was obviously not a rash decision. The lead up to the big decision reveal was fraught with on-screen doubt which is one of the reasons I love Ellie and Jared – their vlog is about real life most of the time. And the cold Cache Valley, Utah, weather can really drain you. It’s not just the cold, but the valley tends to trap grey inversion every winter that can suck the life out of you.

So on to St. George, Utah. It’s a 5-6 hour drive (maybe 3 in the Tesla… haha) and MUCH warmer. It’s a southwest heat, but not quite Tucson or Vegas. The summers are sweltering, however. Historically it’s been a retirement community where Utah seniors able to afford two homes live in winter. But in recent years it’s become more than that.

Recent vlogs have Ellie and Jared vlogging about property hunting, find a property and starting the build process only to later find out they couldn’t get that property and then considering purchasing an existing home, although you could see that Jared was NOT having any of that. They’ve now moved on to the, hopefully, final property and have begun building.

It all seemed really fast and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all develops.

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