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Joshua Brandon: Out of Reach Dreams

One of the things that makes vlogs so amazing is when people pour their heart out in a personal vlog and you stumble upon it at random and it just blows you away with its real emotion.

Singer/songwriter Joshua Brandon posted one such a heartfelt vlog last year in which he talks about not having reached his dream of making a living as a musician despite all his effort over so many years. He's only 23, but he feels his dream fading when faced with reality of life, family, two kids, work, etc.

Amazing vlog -- check it out.

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April's Life: What do you do with your kids after school during these long winter months?

Toward the end of today's April's Life vlog, Davey asked us what we do with our kids after school during these winter months when there doesn't seem much else to do besides watching TV. What do you do to keep them (and you) occupied? Maybe even something constructive, unique, fun, etc.

We might suggest Small Tales as a fun and rewarding activity for adults to spend some time with their kids creating something that could be a keepsake. Basically, you record your child making up a 2-minute story.  Then they draw picture for it. Both the audio and the picture are uploaded to share on smalltales.net. Kids can just share pictures they draw too, and look at other kids' drawings, making up stories for those pictures or they can draw pictures about other kids' audio stories. The website has just started, but there are a few examples for you to spend some creative time with your kids.

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James Wrona Vlogs: How to get Youtube famous

We just found James Wrona on a Vlog Watch list and his new video about how to get famous on Youtube which is tongue-in-cheek and totally true at the same time. Go check it out.

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