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A Unicorn Tatoo on Charles Trippy's Butt

Charles Trippy of CTFxC has accepted a commenter's challenge of getting a unicorn tatoo on his butt when his channel hits 2 million subscribers. In today's vlog Charles calls his tatoo guy to give him fair warning. At this point he's over 500,000 away from the mark. I say good luck and go subscribe if you haven't yet done so.

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Happy Birthday Jaxson, Michigan Shanty Town, Japanese Chocolate Chip Cookies

Elllie and Jared celebrate Jaxson's first birthday with family. Jared made an awesome birthday collage video which is shared in today's vlog. Very nice!

Chia Chatter shows us the snow in Michigan on her way to church with husband Pete. After church they walk out to the lake and we see a "shanty town" of tents in the distance.

Lindsay talks about how making chocolate chip cookies in Japan is different than in the United States because of the flour and butter.

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Snowshoe Hiking in Park City, Smoothies, Bunkbeds, etc.

Our first vlog watch of Austin & Jess takes us to Park City on a hike in snowshoes with Jess and her parents. It's a struggle to get to their destination but they make coffee when they arrive, dad pulling out the necessary coffee-making gear out of his backpack.

Jade & John talk about techniques for making smoothies. Frozen fruit, probiotics, almond milk are some of their ingredients. I think dog Lucy has something stuck in her teeth and John is averse to getting it out. 

Shani Drake catches up on watching a few Christmas vlogs. The hotel they're staying at has bunkbeds. They make a stop at Trader Joe's. Shani talks about a special project video. The family travels in an SUV and we see them arguing about who said/thought what, like all families.

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Vlog Watch: 6-week Challenge, J.R.'s Off to School, Julianna's Storytime, Twins' Personalities

Rocky and Rich have started a 6-week challenge to challenge themselves to improve some aspect of their lives. They've made the challenge open for people to join together and mark their progress together. Sounds like a great way to better yourself and get support from a group of supportive people at the same time. 

In our first vlog watch of J.R. Bjornson we find him going off to a first day of school (like many vloggers today). Also to the store with wife and kids and then home to dinner and watching Netflix.

On It's Judy's Life, Benji talks about the girls' different personalities. It's interesting to watch how different the baby twins are are this early age. Judy helps Julianna with her Storytime book. Benji stops at Panda Express with his dad and talks about meeting vlog watchers and says people shouldn't be hesitant to introduce themselves and talk. After Panda Express it's off to the movies.

On Twitter, J House Vlogs responds to Clintus McGintus' call out to Bryan Lanning.


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Vlog Watch Jan 5, 2015

By bryan, 2015-01-06
Vlog Watch Jan 5, 2015

Jade & John get stuck in in the snow in Kingman, Arizona. Other truckers on CB were offering food to others in case they were out. I think people often forget that most people want to help each other out. They eventually make it to a California rest stop to find it doesn't allow idling or overnight stays which seems alien to John as he and Jade talk about the need for rigs to idle. A few commenters talk about California's green laws making life difficult for truckers.  

Judy from It's Judy's Life goes to a Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga class (). She said it was a little more intense than regular class. Benji shows an Okinawan sweet potato dish which is purple inside. Later he offers a recipe for homemade scalloped potatoes. Julianna reads from a children's bible.

Raven Elyse published an awesome vlog about how vloggers are shooting for mega subscribers over authenticity. Everyone should check this one out. 

In her Monday video, Miranda sings every part from the movie Into the Woods. I laughed, I cried.

Julien talks about his and Jenna's current favorite XBox games Julien's is Destiny and Jenna's is Child In the Light (or something). Then he reveals his healthy breakfast, which consists of gluten free toast with peanut butter sprinkled with cinnamon.

Ellie and Jared talk about being a part of the world's largest treadmill dance video with Nordic Trac. They also talk about staying positive through life's trials.

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January 4, 2015 Vlog Watch

By bryan, 2015-01-04
January 4, 2015 Vlog Watch

Erik Shaw returns with another Vlog on how to pronounce celebrity names.

Jon Harrison thinks that maybe his more positive moods of late are due to taking vitamin D.

Cullen and Katie's Macie draws a picture with mobile app DooDoo Lite. Baby talks up a storm with grandma and then they go through some old photos and clothes.

Sara and Jurre go to the hospital to check out Sara's eye. When they return they find their water is not working. Seems it happens at their place sometimes. They also make pancakes. Sara likes bananas in her pancakes. Sara goes to the gym and then checks out her fitbit. It has a cool thing where you compare your steps with other people.

Barnacules Nerdgasm downloaded the file from NASA to 3d print a wrench and tested it on his car. He printed it in two different materials, one being somewhat more sturdy than then other. Very cool.

Reece and Lauren go to the beach and try out putting the iPhone in a plastic bag product they had heard good things about online so they can Vlog in the water. The footage turned out really good.

John and Jade talk about money and John talks about how he's always been concerned with budgeting even as early as high school.

Alessia lists her top 10 Pokemon characters from generations 4-6. It sounds like things have evolved a bit since my daughter was collecting cards when they first came out many years ago.

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Jan 3, 2015 VlogWatch Update

By bryan, 2015-01-03
Jan 3, 2015 VlogWatch Update

DiLoFlowTV's John and his friend Kim Vlog at Walmart in the shoe department.

Trucker Josh and Diesel are back on the road and headed to Fargo from Regina. He says it's not too cold yet (0 degrees Fahrenheit)! Josh talks a little about Manitoba. Their slogan is Spirit and Industry, and he doesn't know why. He suggests something like: Manitoba - I was born here, what's your excuse? Ha ha. Surprisingly not much snow in Fargo today. 

Lauren checks in on her lovely worms and sea monkeys and her and Reece visit several stores in search of crickets and other things.

Amber helps her mother make their "secret family recipe" slaw, and there's also cornbread and porkchops. This is a longer vlog as Amber takes some time to look back on 2014:

  • She formed a distrust of multivitamins
  • She discovered the "wonders of meltonin"
  • She's not very good at knitting
  • She's battling social anxiety
  • She uncovered the window in her room
  • She conquered her fear of yogurt containers
  • A cheap plastic recorder isn't the greatest instrument to learn music
  • She got a Playstation 3
  • She was denied Disability a few times
  • She reached the 1000 vlog milestone
  • She rediscovered her love of doing do-it-yourself projects
  • Her mother quit smoking
  • Gay marriage was recognized in North Carolina
  • She started therapy and medication
  • She took up breathing exercises
  • She learned she can handle more than she thought
  • She built a bed
  • She discovered the 5:2 diet

Has Youtube started interrupting videos with commercials in the middle of vlogs? I'm not talking about a banner ad, but actually sticking a video commercial like six minutes into a video. I haven't seen that before, but I saw that happen while watching Amber's vlog today.

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YouTube AppleTV Update and other Vlog Notes

In Nerdish By Nature Sara was looking back on two years of vlogging.

It's raining hard in Hawaii on the OhRIo family and they play Minecraft together. They have to ask their 6yearold how to do some things. Talks about making a calendar with Brycelee making each month's picture with his hands.

The Neighbors, Bawden Blogs and Meet the Presley's joined together to collaborate on a fun version of Jingle Bells.

Why is the Android YouTube app for tablets missing the About link? Otherwise it's great. The AppleTV app was recently updated with welcome changes, but it's lacking in ways that make not nearly as good as it could (and should) be. Watching blogs and generally doing the whole vlogging  thing requires interaction; it's not a passive activity. While the AppleTV controller may sort of dictate a passive consumption of its media, I think Apple should rethink this and enable more user input via keyboard. Maybe even a combination of voice recognition and keyboard input. But the AppleTV app goes one step further backwards with its lack of even supporting the ability to like or dislike videos. Or even subscribe to channels. It's an utterly passive experience. YouTube can't be enjoyed that way. IT really can't.

While I'm ranting, why does the Android keyboard layout put the apostrophe with the numbers? It really slows down typing. Switch the smiley face with the apostrophe please.

Speaking of rants, BigBossMan DiLo left us with his last rage of the year, directed at his pulminologist for making him wait over an hour to see him for an appointment. Seems the big man has sleep apnea and needs a cpap machine.

On Daily You Amanda talked about three Internet goals for 2015: sharing more, engaging more and creating more. We seem to be on the same wavelength. How about you guys?


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