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A Perspective on Trolls

By: bryan
Posted in: Blog
A Perspective on Trolls

@the-jade-john-show offer a positive way to look at trolls at around 6:25 here:HOW WE BEAT THE TROLLS LOL Vid 1313

Jade says, "It's great that I give your life purpose." And then Jon adds that since adsense is enabled, they actually get money every time someone trolls their comments.

It's funny they talked about trolling this morning because, after being away from their channel for many months, I began watching again yesterday and noticed the large number of trolls clogging up their comment feeds. I guess there are large numbers of people that think it's fun to do that. What a pointless life they must lead if they find value in that kind of thing.

Good job putting it all into perspective, Jade and John.

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