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Youtube on AppleTV Continues to Disappoint Me Daily

By: bryan
Posted in: Blog
Youtube on AppleTV Continues to Disappoint Me Daily

I love to watch vlogs on AppleTV. At least I'd like to love watching vlogs on AppleTV except it's really more difficult than it needs to be because the Youtube app doesn't really work very well.

You can't Like or comment on vlogs, which is a common deterrant to a lot of AppleTV apps. For some reason, interacting is discouraged. Why? 

You also can't even view the comments, let alone comment on videos. Why?

The biggest thing I don't like is the videos just don't update. I haven't really been able to figure out any way to get them to update in a timely manner. Sometimes I open the app and a new batch of videos are there in the recent activity line, but more often than not, it's the same batch as yesterday or even longer back.

Get with it youtube, let's make a better, more interactive app!

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