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Can we relate to full time vloggers?

By: bryan
Posted in: Blog
Can we relate to full time vloggers?

Sam and Jenika of Samika Vlogs announced in today's vlog that Sam has quit his job and they are making the jump to full time vlogging. Of course, I'm happy for them. Sam was quite emotional talking about how he has a lot of dreams and ideas he wants to pursue but they have had to be set aside because he's busy holding down a full time job away from home and his passions.

But an interesting thought was raised in the comments of today's vlog and it's a thought that I've had as well, to be honest. Youtube user oodominatoroo commented:

"This is the downfall to YouTuber's making so much money.  The reason we like to watch them in the first place is it's nice to see someone else struggling through everyday life, having normal responsibilities and doing things most of us do ourselves on a daily basis.  But then they quit their jobs and start vloging full time from home, not going to work at a normal job, not living a normal life, and it's not encouraging or setting a good example for our youth that hard work pays off.  This is becoming a pattern on YouTube now and it's just sad.  Fortunately there is plenty of other new Vloger's trying to get started we can support until they hit this unfortunate stage of the YouTube lifestyle."

I don't agree with the "not encouraging or setting a good example for our youth that hard work pays off" part. Full time vlogging is all about having the guts to risk following your dreams and vlogging is really hard work. But, I also don't think oodominatoroo is saying Sam and Jenika shouldn't be pursing their dreams. It's just that we follow youtube channels, in large part, because we can directly relate to the people in them. So when they begin vlogging full time, I hope they don't fall into defining themselves more as "vloggers" than as people, if that makes any sense. Which it probably doesn't.

You know, spending more and more of their time collaborating with other full time vloggers, going to conferences about how to be better full time vloggers, going on road trips to meet up with fans, etc. I think that kind of focus does translate into more of their lives become something with which we simply don't relate. I don't want to see that.

It's not that Sam's job was really a part of their vlog anyway -- at least for the short time I've been avidly following. It's more about their family life and I don't think that's going to change. In fact, now that they both can focus on vlogging, we'll probably get to see more of their family life and relate to that even more than before.

Again, I'm not saying they shouldn't full time vlog -- I think it's great and I look forward to everything Sam and Jen can create now with more time and focus. They are definitely one of my favorite young family vloggers. Their vlogs convey a lot of the struggles and fun that make up real life and I'm grateful to them for sharing it with us and I think this new path on their journey will continue to be just as great to watch as ever. They'll continue to live a llife, sharing both the joys and struggles as they have done in the past. They're people and we'll still relate.

Just saying oodominatoroo is not entirely wrong either and I don't have any "answers" other than what he said. I'll keep supporting Samika but I'll also keep looking out for new vloggers. Most importantly though -- all the best to Sam and Jen as they take us with them on this huge leap into the future. It's going to be great!

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