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Fast forward to 2001, both Jay and Maggie were deep into Corporate America, working for the same international company and were transferred from Arizona to Utah. With the move came the opportunity to start over in a land with workable soil and a culture where it seems everyone has a garden and beautifully landscaped properties are more the norm than the exception. They bought five acres 35 miles from their office and built their home and began on their homestead. Several years later, with nearly 2 acres of intense landscaping to maintain and expand, it is a constant and pleasant work in progress. Over time Jay completed the required courses to become a Master Gardener, an orchardist with a variety of fruit trees, blackberries and raspberries, and small vineyard, and has built three out-buildings. One is a well-equipped woodshop, another is a garden shed and the last is a tractor barn that houses a compact tractor and supplies for supporting the grounds.

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